Sally Lynn Home is a furniture and home decor store in Southlake, TX. We pride ourselves on always having an incredibly unique inventory with furniture and decor items you won’t find anywhere else. We purchase from over 150 different manufacturers as well as antiques dealers who travel the world to find the most original and unique items for your home. Our goal as a company is to ‘make your home your story’, no matter what your style. From sourcing the perfect unique statement piece just right for a specific spot in your home, to helping you furnish your entire house, we can help. Sally Lynn Home is committed to furnishing and decorating your home in a way that is meaningful to you and the life you desire to live in your space. We are proud of the extremely personalized service that our talented team offers in helping to make your home beautiful, functional, comfortable, and unique to you and your family. We offer in-home consultations for clients who are tackling large scale furnishing and decorating of their homes or businesses, where we go into the space, take photos and measurements, and then present a plan of layout ideas and suggestions of specific pieces for completing the project. Please call 817-442-0186 for more information or to book an appointment for an in-home consultation.

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